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Traditional Fun..and Not So Traditional

At the end of the 5th century, a Pope officially declared the date of February 14 "St. Valentine's Day." It wasn't until until later, though, that the holiday became associated with love and romance, a tradition that first started from the common belief in England.

So now how can we celebrate this special day of love?

For couples, many of them make their way to fancy places with fancy food, drinks and dress for the occasion. Hundreds of 'Benjamin's' are spent on very pretty flowers, chocolates and perfumes..all signs and tokens of ones love for another. That's wonderful and very enjoyable, I might add if you've ever experienced that.

However, what about the reality of it for most of us? Let's be real about the fact that not everyone has $$$$$ unlimited funds? .

Here are some suggestions for fun and easy inexpensive ways to spend time with those you love, on Valentine's Day or even, the weekend before.

1. Park Picnics, fresh wild flowers and tea from your home. Make a basket filled with favorites, take a book and blankets. Have a nice day, eat and enjoy the comfort of outdoor romance.

2. Beach Stroll, hot dogs at the pier and an adult beverage. Include a small bouquet of fresh white flowers, white symbolizing the true love, untainted and everlasting.

3. Theatre, it's affordable if you have a local community event center. Scaled down from the big dogs, doable on a budget. Tickets, a show (usually under $30) and a nightcap afterwards at a small, local hangout. Yes, in your dress/tie and trousers! Who cares if you are the best dressed in the joint?

4. Can't get a babysitter? Date Night, in home. Send the kiddos to watch a movie upstairs, and make it an evening for two. Home baked pizza in the oven, made together. Pair that with a bottle of your favorite wine and a great rom com. She'll love you forever and you'll be officially her favorite person. Add some popcorn with a present at the bottom of the bowl. A night out at her favorite restaurant for a later date.

5. Skate Night, roller rink or ice rink...that's right. Take her skating, get some of that groove back and enjoy a night out. Sure, other kids will be at the rink but why not you two? Dress the part like you did when you were younger..including that ever popular scrunchie!! Enjoy some skating, slow skate request her favorite song to the DJ, making it a night to remember. PS. Afterwards, take a drive through town, listening to your favorites from back in the day, grab a milkshake too. Flowers can be available in the car once you leave the skating rink, have them hidden in the back seat.

Whatever you choose to do, remember, make it memorable and it will be a memory you carry forever.

Love, love is patient and kind, not prideful or boasting, not quick to anger but full of mercy, grace, and understanding.


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