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How To Gift A Free Book

One of the reasons I write, if not the very most important reason----is to make a difference. Getting the book in the hands of those who are in need, who may not be able to purchase a book is the most important mission I have. There are many ways that we will focus on this mission, some of which you may be able to assist. Do you know someone who loves to read, maybe they have children who love to read? Is there someone who is on hard times, maybe they lost their job? Someone down on their luck? Lost a job this year, maybe lost a marriage? Everyone has something going on and we are led to give.

Each month, we will be offering a free book to someone in need. Honestly, we may give away more than one, but at least one. It's really easy to enter someone into this drawing. Simply click on the email link below, send it in and if your nomination is chosen we will notice you via email. Then, we will provide an autographed copy to the recipient via regular us mail. 

Making a difference in the lives of others, makes a difference in your life too.

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