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Tour Of Duty—Never Really Ends

As I watched the elderly gentleman come out of his room, he was bent over with a cane helping him stand. His wife was racing to get the wheelchair to assist him. You could tell she was worried as she quickly found herself fumbling around her purse for a hanky. He had a slight problem seeing her over his dirty glasses. I watched as she wiped them off and placed them gently back oh his nose. His hands were wrinkled and his body didn’t move quickly. In fact I’m barely moved at all.

As the doctor walked away he saluted him. A respectful Vereran taking care of another respectful Veteran.

All we see is an elderly person. We ought to be reminded that though they are elderly they still have the young spirit inside them. Their spirit soaring to when they were young and could walk and run. A spirit of ideas and frustrations and most of all, one of childlike tendencies. Wants, goals, needs. Ideas of traveling and visiting family. They are still very much alive yet we see them as old and worn out.

if you have a Veteran be sure to be reminded of their sacrifices. Those sacrifices didn’t end when they finished their tour of duty. It followed them all their life dealing with the body deterioration and mental fatigue that accompanies the life of a Veteran.

If you see one salute them. Thank them. Remember their choices helped secure your freedoms.

If you’re are one, like my Father and Brother, my Uncles, Nephew, and Cousins, my friends all of you. THANK YOU.

Thank you all for your sacrifice and dedication.

Thank a Veteran.

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