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The Twisted Fork, Omaha

Recently, I visited Omaha and found a small quaint, local eatery in downtown. It was nothing that I imagined it would be. I asked everyone at my table to order something they never had before, just so we could try them. We ended up with options that were very different, allowing for a great experience.

We started with fried pickles, but not the typical chips. These were spears, and made with something special on the batter. No idea what it was, but it was perfect. Spicy, with a notch up on the crispness of the actual pickle. It wasn't soggy at all. Def worth the try if you're in the area.

We also ordered their house chips, crunchy and tasty, not like most places that offer those chips. I'd have eaten more but we had so much food coming, I had to keep room open haha.

Next was the meatloaf and mac and cheese along with a side of mashed potato. The meatloaf was covered with gravy and while it was a lunch portion, it was huge. The mac and cheese offered a real cheese taste, nothing fake about it.

Check out this burger...with fried pickles and some type of jam/sauce on the burger. It was HUGE but my friend ate most of it...and it was quite enjoyed..

The ending came with a pear/apple crisp. Have you ever tasted pears and apples, and not the kind babies eat. I'm talking about the real deal here...add some crunch and cinnamon and you have an overall, sweet but not too sweet, desert. A MUST HAVE...we even ordered some to go.

The service was great, Michelle our server was attentive and pleasurable. She was on her game and made sure we had what we needed. I'd give this place an overall 4 out of 5 for family friendly and very tasty items on the menu. Our food was served together, hot and cooked properly. It's important that when you have a large group, you can eat together. Most places bring out one by one etc...not here. They made sure we 'ate together' just like a good family Sunday dinner. If you ever find yourself out in Omaha, give it a visit.

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