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Meet Mr. Mark King, Owner Of The FBA and Florida Flight Basketball Team

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Have you heard about the Florida Flight? They are a pro basketball team out of Orlando, Florida playing under the FBA. I've been blessed to have them come on board as a title sponsor for my upcoming book tour. (More about that later, this is about his vision and goals for others) We're thrilled of course and appreciate them and their generosity. If I may, I'd like to take a minute to tell you a little about the team and the man behind it all.

There was a man, who truly had a dream to play pro basketball. If you could hear his testimony, you would be moved to push hard for your own dreams. Their mission statement below, says it all.

"Utilize the platform of professional basketball to promote a positive, healthy, morally sound society that values the importance of teaching critical societal elements like teamwork, leadership, accountability, and love, respect and compassion for all." - Florida Flight

His dream not only took him further than he expected, it took him to a leadership role, helping children, and men find their dreams of playing ball. Not everyone makes it to the NBA, but this team gives everyone who qualifies, a chance to live out their dream. The programs, "Not afraid to fly" , "J's for A's", "Team No Shovels" ministry to just name a few are reasons that this man has found success. He beat the odds and turned a dream into a organization that not only has his team, the Florida Flight, but he opened the doors for other teams to join from around the state. Just adding another three teams bringing next season to a total of 10 teams! That's one heck of a reach, and one way to help these young men and children find their dreams and make them a reality.

The Florida Flight Basketball Academy is bringing children off the internet and to the courts. This league is finding those young kids on the courts, making a way for them to realize their potential.

At a recent family and faith event, I had the pleasure of hearing him preach, you see for this man, it's about others, it's about God and reminding us all that "God isn't done with us yet."

Giving back is one of the most important part of this team and the organization. These annual holiday games and toy drives bring hundreds of toys to needy families in the local community. They bring in not just toys, but bounce houses, food trucks, pictures with santa for the kids at the game, and even with some of the talent. Heck, everyone loves santa, right?

Part of the passion this man has is not just for Christ, but for the people who come across his life. Helping some of his team members when hard times hit, or giving them a place to lay their head should they need it. That's the kind of person who we all want to be around.

Let's talk about taking the talent overseas. Yes, that is right. His coaching and teaching some of the players has landed these players a chance to go overseas to follow their dream even further! It's #teamnoshovels all the way to the SB Lakers, Chile and most recently, the Dominican Republic. That's what I call chasing a dream and without a platform like this MANY of these guys wouldn't have seen their dreams unfold.

Don't be afraid to fly, that hoop isn't out of reach. Not with this coach and his team. Encouraging students to think about their dreams, aspirations and set some goals. Again, thinking of others and their dreams. #teamnoshovels

Lastly, I could go on for a long time, but I won't. I'll just leave you with this.

Read on....

Utilizing the platform of professional basketball to invest in the lives of others."

  • - Showcase high quality basketball in a family friendly atmosphere at an affordable price.

  • - Provide elite playing opportunities and promote all-around player development both on and off the court.

  • - Establish partnerships with other professional basketball teams, especially with the NBA.

  • - Provide elite Sports Management and Administration opportunities via career, internship and externship options.

  • - Become an active contributor within the Central Florida community.

  • - Extend our sphere of influence beyond Central Florida by creating strategic partnerships with humanitarian organizations that make a positive impact throughout the world.

  • - Convey a Christian message of hope through a variety of methods, including but not limited to Christian basketball camps, involvement in Christian outreach ministries, and the promotion of Christian music!

Owner, of the FBA, Florida Flight and an overall, awesome family man. Meet Mr. Mark King.

Did I mention they win championships?

We're very proud to have the Florida Flight on board with our upcoming tour, but most of all I wanted to bring attention to all the awesome ways this organization gives back and makes a difference in the lives of others. Check out them on FB, or at their website, You'll be blessed. - Kristi

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