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It's been a long year, it nearly took me down. Oh, but God...

It's hard to believe that it's been almost a year since my dad passed. I started writing books because I wanted to tell stories. I used many of my childhood photos and memories to create the children's series, including real life photos that were illustrated into the books. That first series was for my dad, for my kids, grandkids and their kids to come. I wanted to share what life was like when I was a child with my siblings so that we had it in books forever. Our parents gave us the best life any child could ask for, we were so blessed.

Fast forward almost a year and I haven't written anything. In fact this blog, is my first attempt at writing, other than the eulogy I wrote for dad. Talk about hard..and then speaking it at the celebration of his life. Only by the hands of God was I able to do that.

Here we are now and I'm working on figuring out what is next for me and my writing of stories. I believe that all my books have made a difference for many, and maybe even brought someone out of a dark place of their own. Maybe someone read one of them and it helped them to find their passion, or maybe find their soulmate by never giving up on love. Maybe it helped the little children learn about Jesus and how to be a good friend, a caring friend and a positive role model for others in their lives.

Books for me and writing have a new meaning now, including not having my biggest supporter here to cheer me on, or to remind me that he is proud of me and my books. Writers rarely hear about how others liked or didn't like their stories, but dad always made sure to tell me how well I had done. Not just with words, but with his warm smile and thumbs up gesture among other things.

So, here I go. Praying and stepping onward into writing the final book in the Brooke and Maddie stories from the series, Tales, South of Savannah.

I've waited four years to finish this series with the fifth and final book. I should hope to have it out in the next few months.

Have I started writing it yet? No, but I've known for years what the first paragraph is going to be. So that's a good start, right? I also know how the story will end and that gives me hope, and I hope that it does for you too when you read the story. What's the name of the final book? Well, I'll just say this about it, you'll like it.

What's next after that? Another novella is on tap for me. I really enjoyed writing Finding Aneigha, The Gravel Walkway. It was filled with so many emotions and feelings. I'm hoping for that one to be out by Thanksgiving.

Thanks for reading, thanks for reading my stories and if you haven't, I sure hope you will.

Be blessed friends, I pray you a beautiful evening.


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