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Purpose Matters.

I woke to the bright numbers flashing on my clock ...It said 3:12 am. I had to be up at 7am to make an early appointment to photograph a family at a local park. My mind wandered to the moments flashing through my mind—why was I up so early? I tried to keep my eyes closed and focus on sleep. The more I focused on sleep, my mind started fighting back with the excitement of my photo session and my next book release. Did I properly prepare for the photograph session? Oh, how about the latest book. Did I get my story out and was there an encouragement that would lift others to good places? All these questions started flooding my mind. Soon after I found myself making my way out to the computer to review the manuscript—for the 10th time, follwed by checking the camera bag for battery back ups and SD cards.

My mind wanders, especially when it's early in the morning. "What is my purpose of this action?" I ask myself this on a regular basis. Sometimes, the answer isn't great and I have to check myself. (That's real truth that I'm not afraid to say, I'm human after all.)

Other days, my purpose is on target to benefit others, not just me.

Long ago, I came across an article that Tim Tebow had written about how we know that we are on the path that God has intended. We all work to earn a living. We put our kids in clubs, make dinners and do the normal family things. We visit friends and make dates for fun trips to the zoo and other exciting things. Those are all normal day to day life events that we all enjoy. What then, do we do with those little dreams we have of changing careers more than once or twice, ditching the house and getting a small apartment, buying a new car or maybe it’s starting your own business? Maybe it’s feeding the poor or helping the elderly on the weekends? How about turning that art collection into a mini show? How do we know it’s of God? Ugh, if you knew how many days THIS girl has asked herself that question you would be slightly annoyed with me. Especially if I bounced the idea off you----like 87 times. Joan would likely know that feeling as would my sweet sister, Ronda. She was my go to when I was driving home late after meetings, trying to make sense of my crazy idea to start a photography business 11 years ago.

These and other questions flow like running water through our minds when we are trying to make the right choices for ourselves, our family and life. How many times do we second guess ourselves? How many times do we make a decision and then, two days later play Indian giver? Yeah, for sure we've all been there. Fear is a large thing, it can derail plans that you have, but with God and Faith at least we are starting on a solid foundation.

Something Tim Tebow said stuck with me many years ago. Put down the phones. Stop reading the comments. Just live out your passion, plans and goals. The purpose of our plans matter.

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