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Weight Struggles

Who doesn’t have an issue with weight? Whether you are you are fit and healthy for a couch potato, we all need exercise. Our body does not function properly when we are lazy and have excess weight to deal with. I’ve been down this journey before and recently, thanks to inspiration from a family member, I have teamed up with three ladies to help make a difference in the way that we look and feel. Now let me set one thing straight right off the record. We are all very confident, independent and strong willed women who know our worth. This isn’t about being vain, this is about being healthy. I thought that I would write about it and keep a journal for anyone who might be interested in taking this path as well. Typically, I am pretty active. However, due to age and poor diet I have packed on almost 20 pounds more than what I normally weigh. Between my careers, personal goals and taking care of a 90-year-old dad, I often lose sight of my actual health. If you know me you know that I don’t like to cook. That in itself makes it difficult because quite honestly, I eat out quite a bit. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t eat fatty foods and I don’t really over eat but I don’t get enough exercise. So if you are perfect, if you’re nice and fit already and healthy, good for you! However if you’re not, and if you’re like me and you want to follow my journey please feel free to sign up to be notified when I post these blogs about my journey. I know that in my faith, my body hosts the Holy Spirit and therefore I should do better.

Today is the day. I decided to start today with a brisk 3 mile walk. To help pass the time I listeNed to the church sermon, two of them actually from two different pastors. Every day we should get some kind of exercise, and eating properly will make a difference in how we feel overall. I hope that you will join me on this journey don’t be afraid, it’s never easy to get healthy especially at my age, 58 years young. But here goes nothing!

PS. Recently I did a little shopping at Victoria’s Secret and was quite disappointed to find that my normal size didn’t really fit anymore. If that’s not enough motivation I don’t know what it is…

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