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Weight Struggle: Week One

Well, I’ve made it through the first weekend and five days after. To say that it was easy is not true. To say that I failed on a couple days is very true. The french fries from checkers were probably not supposed to be on my menu but, they were. I did manage to stay on top of the exercise every day along with drinking my usual intake of water. I’ve never had a problem drinking water, and do it quite often actually. I do feel kind of bad that I waste all the plastic bottles, but they can be recycled. I go through a ton of water, so that helps. The hardest part of the first week is always changing your habit. For me, cutting out sugar wasn’t a problem because I don’t eat a lot of sugar anyway. Cutting out my morning breakfast routine was difficult. I decided to go away with all the bread and just stick with the proteins. I managed to do pretty well with the lunch routine. My career keeps me quite busy and therefore I’m on the road quite a bit. However, I did manage to eat healthy for lunch during the first week. No snacks in the middle, instead every time I wanted to snack I just reached for a piece of gum instead. I’m not saying that having a snack isn’t OK, because it is. However I am trying to retrain my brain to not eat when I’m not hungry. Now let’s move onto the exercise. It was good, a good 30 minutes a day after work of walking. Some days, even longer. The key to the exercising is to do something along side of it so that it’s not a chore. For me, I listen to music or podcasts and sermons. That helps pass the time and it doesn’t feel so much like work. I did not say that this week was easy, because on the contrary it was difficult. But you’ve heard the saying, if it’s easy then it’s not worth it. Challenges, have always been appealing to me and typically I do succeed with the help of my faith and my passion. On to week two, a pound lighter and more importantly, FEELING so much more energy. I hope you can be encouraged to find time to just walk, it's so good for us, both physically and mentally.

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