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Valentines Day-----And The Singles

It's here, the long awaited day for all lovebirds. Everyone is getting flowers and chocolates except you....and you....and you, the singles who are reminded of their singleness during this holiday.

Being single isn't a bad thing, of course! Some embrace the day by buying their own flowers and candy, sometimes even having a Valentines Day dinner for themselves at home, with all the bells and whistles. This single Author celebrates!

For others though, its a really tough day. Society has taught women that they should be in a relationship and that if they are not, then they are 'less than' those who are. Valentines Day and being single is a reminder that they are single and most women don't want the reminder—and they dread this holiday.

If society has you convinced that this day is for lovers, it's not. It's for anyone who has love in their lives. The love of a mother and child, siblings, grandparents and parents are all filled with love and worthy of celebrating! I encourage you to embrace this day and all of its glory by celebrating love, of every kind. Whether it's alone or with a parent, child, friend, or others, celebrate it! If you are single, and it bothers you be reminded that God is still working on you and your path, enjoy it and embrace it, it's the path that will lead you to his place for you, in his time.

Buy the flowers, wear the dress and celebrate with those you love. Bake the cake, buy the chocolates and--------eat them!!!

I'll be doing just that ladies, this single gal embraces it every day. I'll be grabbing myself some flowers and making the biggest salad ever, along with a nice glass of white wine followed by my favorite desert, carrot cake. I hope you find this day filled with love however you celebrate!! Now straighten that 👑 and remember, you are the daughter of a King!

Happy Valentines Day!

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