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Penthouse Please, 12th Floor

We've all been there, 12 years of our life in school, learning who we are and how to fit in to the different avenues in the world.

Graduating as a senior in school, facing the world that is full of new and exciting avenues is like that blank canvas sitting in front of us. We get to paint it how we choose, and our education provides us the ability to do just that. After graduation, some will move on to a community college, and some will move into family businesses, while others will not have a clear path as to where they see themselves. It can be overwhelming and exciting at the same time for our teenagers.

We, as parents groom out children to be the best version of themselves that we can, and preparing them for their future as we push them ever so gently, out the nest. We are taught that we should teach them to fly on their own, to help them become productive citizens, full of compassion, understanding, goals and law abiding citizens.

We teach our children that they can do anything, that they put their minds to like painting, soccer, nursing, writing, drawing, etc. In teaching them that they can do these things, we encourage them to write their own stories, paint their own canvas' and see their own vision board come to life with their ideas and goals. By building them up, we become part of their success and lead them to bluer skies, greener pastures, and the open road where they can truly, find their own self.

In this past year, many graduated with a pandemic in the midst, causing them to miss out on the most important anticipated date of any school age teenager. Graduation, amongst their peers, receiving honors, recognition, and of course, walking the stage for all to see. These teens lost out on a big day in 2020, but it didn't stop them from moving forward onto their own dreams and goals.

Why? Because, we as parents taught them that though life may throw curve balls, they can persevere under tough circumstances and reach their goals. Our life experiences as parents gave us the lessons, the hard knocks, the knowledge, and the wisdom to know that things change. When they do, we can flow with those changes and we can succeed.

In this new year, 2021 brings a new round of graduations in a few months. Let's remind them that they worked hard, it's their turn and if there are challenges this year with this whole pandemic thing, or other challenges that come their way, they can still succeed. They have been given a blank canvas and their goals, dreams, and desires are theirs for the taking.

Let's remind them to still soar when life brings challenges, to still fly like eagles, to still reach for the stars, and to find their way to their own, Penthouse on the 12th floor.

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