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Party of One, Maybe Two? Afternoon Antics...


Welcome to the 2021 dating scene. You know the story, you're excited to meet the person you've been set up with, or perhaps met online through one of those apps. Maybe you have been friends for years and somehow one of you 'fell' for the other. Oh the woes of dating in this new era of online avenues.

It's 2:00p.m. and you are already trying to decide what to wear, what to do with your hair and more so you haven't shaved in 4 days. Those armpits are in need of attention as are the legs, no open toe shoes tonight, right? (Guys, if you are reading this don't laugh. This is for you too. You've been working so much on that brief for the big deal that you have forgotten even how to date, eating take out behind the desk in the corner office! We know you haven't trimmed those toenails in a while and those feet are likely rough as sandpaper dude! Don't laugh all you hardworking men, there's dirt under your fingernails because you are a hardworking man who still practices a trade outside of the office.)

Oh Ladies, are we so overcome with appearances that we run around at the dress store, looking for that one dress that fits the ever so slightly, aged body? Do we run to the hairdresser and nail salon? Do we make a list of things to do before the date, three days before the date?! I've seen it happen, don't laugh. It's like the running of the bulls, every man or woman, for themselves and first one to grab that cute pair of heels on sale wins. What about the actual date, are we eating or are we just meeting for drinks? Do we eat ahead of time so we don't overeat, do we pay separate or is he a real gentlemen who picks up the tab? All these questions run through our mind as we sit under the hairdryer at the salon waiting for the finished product. If we're all being honest, we do some if not, all of these things. Don't worry ladies, you're not alone the men do their own rituals also, we just don't get to see it.

The evening arrives and all the afternoon antics are completed and we look fabulous! We've made it to the restaurant and the hostess greets us with an eagerness that feels like she should be on one of those infomercials. " How many this evening?" she asks.

"Party of One, Maybe Two, Please."

She cheerfully takes you to the table where nearly everyone has a view. Great, everyone gets to see the first date and we are front and center on display. It's bad enough that we aren't even sure if he is going to show up, but now if he doesn't clearly, everyone will notice. As you sit there, sipping on your glass of wine you wait, anxiously hoping that he shows. The minutes seem like agony and the laughter of other guests is apparently the one thing that helps calm your nerves. It's been ten minutes and it's official. He's a no show and clearly, it's now a Party of One. No text. No phone call. Just a no show.

How many times have you been there? We've all been there, of course. So what now? You've tried this method a few times and those friends who keep setting you up aren't getting you anywhere. You feel like you are the queen of hearts in the lonely heart club, right? Oh girl, don't you even give it a second thought. There may be a very good reason he was a no show. Maybe HE got nervous when he saw how beautiful you looked as he peeked through the window and saw you. Maybe, just maybe he has a good reason, give him a break----he's just a human too.

Now what? Take it like the woman you are and order the best steak on the menu! Have the waiter take 'his' glass and fill it with ice water for you. Finish your dinner and enjoy desert. Grab your phone, fix your lip gloss and take a photo of yourself, after all you look STUNNING in that new outfit!

Send him a text along with that photo " Hey, missed you tonight, hope all is well. The steak was absolutely delicious!" Now, without even showing up, he sees that you are just as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside. That's real dating, real positive vibes. #dating2021 #nojudgementzone

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