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Opportunities Await

As far back as 7th grade, I recall being told there are opportunities waiting for us. Don't ruffle feathers. Follow in the footsteps that are least resistant and be inspired by that easy path for a 'sure thing' in life. Retirement, paychecks, smooth roads. That's great for sure.

(Side note....I've always been the complete opposite. I have a strong spirit and I have always known this to be true about myself. Anyone who knows me can attest to this, especially my mom. She, was the perfect example of my spitfire spirit, my loving and caring side and my ability to find the hardest road and take it---running full steam ahead and not looking back....and likely she knew I was just like her. (I like to think she smirked when thinking about it.) She inspired me, with her fight, grit and determination, her love of God and dedication our dad and to our family.)

I recently met a young woman, a mom of 8 who inspired me with her dedication to her education and her goals. She wasn't afforded an easy path, her fight was tough and I imagine, very difficult based on the brief conversations we had. Yes, someone inspired her. I meet so many people between photography and writing who have inspired me, and have helped drive me. She was one of them, and she doesn't even know it. I could go on and on about the basketball team owner who inspired me. He was told he wasn't good enough, he wouldn't make it and yet, today he owns not only a team, but the league and has far outgrown the naysayers. Then there is the waitress, who worked two jobs to find enough time to study and graduate from college while raising two kids. All very inspiring individuals---but just a few of the thousands of people I have met. I wish I could tell you about them all, but I can't or we would be here for a long time.

I thought about them. I had a great discussion with a few people whom I have been inspired by, and ask them directly, where do YOU go for inspiration? You seem to have all the answers. All answered separately, but similarly. God first, his word for inspiration, but secondly, through others actions AND inactions. They watch others. They watch you and I. They watch their peers...I think we get it now right, others are learning from you and I...including our youth. pressure huh?

To be inspired positively BY someone is an opportunity. However, to BE a positive inspiration to others, now that, is THE real opportunity.

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