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No, I Didn't Get Your Email-----On Purpose!

There’s no place like home. In the movie Wizard of Oz, Dorothy would wear her beautiful red glittered shoes and she would click them together repeating the words, there’s no place like home----there’s no place like home.


For many of us home is a constructed building with four walls filled with personal possessions, family, food, spilled milk, and evenings by the fire. Those are all wonderful things and thankfully, God has provided.

Home can also be a different location, outside of those four walls that makes you feel warm and cozy, comforted, and full of peace and tranquility. For some that might be living in the state where it snows, and the fresh powder is your playground! For others, it might be living in a state where you are close to the beautiful ocean, sun sets, and sand. (For this lady, I’m a Florida native. I've found that there is never a bad day to be on the beach---well, unless there is a hurricane or afternoon storm.}

The sand is always the softest in the morning and the coolest as well. The waves are roaring and crashing softly on the sand/ The glowing of the sun, peeking up over the far ocean makes for a very relaxing morning. The birds are out and there is a quietness like no other, even with the waves. It's almost tranquil when you think about it. Gods beauty right before our eyes and under our feet. Recently on an early morning trip to the beach I found myself engulfed in the moment, standing there taking it all in.

The opportunity to find peace and tranquility is well worth it wherever that finds you. In this day and age, we are so busy with our to do list and I guarantee you, mine is just as busy as yours! We have non stop social media in our hands, literally. We must be encouraged to take time, recharge and nourish our soul as well as our minds. If you are Florida native then you know what I’m talking about at the beach. Maybe you are from the north and that fresh powder just calls your name, regardless of where it is, I hope that you will be reminded of how important it is to take a moment and catch your breath---even if that means doing it during the oddest time of the day.

Turn up the music and put those earbuds in! Maybe the beach and snow aren't for you, but there is something out there that calls your name. Whatever it is, find just an hour to recharge away from social media and the day-to-day chores of life. Watch how you will be refreshed with a renewed energy and a fulfilled spirit.

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