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Fictional Facts

Fiction. All of us have a story, something to say. Writing about fiction allows writers to conjure up different ideas, stories, thoughts, wishes, goals and the list can go on and on. A princess who wants to find her knight, a painter who wants to find who actually painted what was underneath the oil painting, he picked up at the local garage sale. The stories are endless, which provides for a multitude of avenues a fiction writer can take. The imagination can go from 'in the box' to extremes waaaaay outside that box. I first read fiction books as a child. Do you remember reading "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day"? What a book, or how about "Corduroy"? Oh, the ever popular "Dick and Jane".

Our imaginations can take us anywhere and more importantly, away from our current world troubles. Fictional stories take us on journeys, escapes, and exotic locations that can leave us with renewed spirits. Moves are made from fiction, and quite popular movies I must say. Where do they get the characters from, the back stories etc.? What is fiction? Is it always, the pretending, the fake, the unrealistic places? Not always, it can be real people who inspired you, or even the bully in school who made your life miserable, the neighbor who plays the guitar or the mailman who always says hello. Changing the names, scenes, outcome, location etc. can be all great avenues for a best seller. Photos can also be inspirations, like the one I took below. It inspired me, what does it say to you?

If you had the time, what would you write about? What if your book became a movie or a sitcom? It happens...don't count yourself out! Using our imagination can free our souls and bring us much joy. (by the way, my favorite "writer" was a fictional character played by Sarah Jessica Parker. Anyone know who that was?)

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