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Cobwebs and Stairs

Passionate goals can come in various forms. Sometimes they arrive in the middle of the night and sometimes quite frankly, during the middle of lunch with a client. Goals were typically set based on what our parents thought they should be. For instance, my mom wanted us to dance and enrolled my sister and myself quite early in dance classes. My brother was enrolled into football quite young as well and found himself eventually on a scholarship to college doing just that. Our goals are preset. What happens when those goals are met and we get bored? Do we just continue the same passion and try to 'force' that to be the entire lifelong outcome? In lieu of that, could we possibly set multiple other goals and also arrive at those? Those thoughts come to mind quite often with me and I am sure, with you too. Setting ourselves up for one goal, one achievement limits our possibilities in my opinion. Some people call goals careers, others call them hobbies. What do you call them?

Can we find them later in life? Sure, of course but why do we wait that long? What about those who start off early on in life and forget about their 'dreams'? How many dreams weren't met because of giving up? That number must be sky high and filled with regrets, disappointments, and quite honestly, feelings of failure. Failure only happens when we give up or when others convince us that we SHOULD 'accept our lot in life' and move on. Let's make that a HARD NO! Goals/Passions and Dreams can be met. Perhaps not when we expected but for sure, they can be met. Maybe on a smaller scale for instance. Do you want to be a dancer? An actor? Do you want to give back? Do you want to be a motivational speaker? Do you want to volunteer at a pet shelter? Do you want to donate to the children? The less fortunate? The Church? How about that kid inside you who never painted because they felt like they couldn't? Oh, for goodness sake how about that elderly adult who never could read? I honestly know someone who couldn't pay their bills because they couldn't read/write. Our family helped them and now, they are more self sufficient than ever. Do I call that a success, helping someone reach THEIR GOAL? That's a HARD YES for me. Goals can be reached, dreams can happen. What is yours? Find the drive, dig deep and even if baby steps, smaller scale, smaller audience the dream can be met. What dreams are dusty in the back of your closet? Wipe those cobwebs off and get them front and center, don't let fear drive you into a dead end road, instead a cul-de-sac works! There you can always reach the current goal/dream and then turn around to move on to the next one! Goals reached are not the end of ALL goals, they are the checkpoint along the way to the next goal. It takes climbing those stairs to the next checkpoint along the way. What's next for you?

Sending my prayers that you always listen to God, he brings us to the place he wants us, but it's up to us to follow his lead. Until next time #lambertloyals--- Kristi

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