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Answered Yet?

How many days do we sit and wait, for an answer to something? From a text, an email from a doctor, a bank, or something of that nature. The waiting game is something that we all play. But what about waiting for unanswered prayers? Do we wait with the same impatience that we do when we are waiting for an earthly response? Often times I think that we focus on what we don’t have instead of what we do have. Not too long ago I found myself in this very situation. I prayed about some thing for a long time, and quite frankly decided that maybe it just wasn’t going to happen. Did it line up with the biblical teachings that I believe? It did. But that doesn’t mean that it was what Jesus wanted. So I put it on the shelf and moved on. Out of nowhere, not only did I feel comfort, I just felt contentment. I just decided that it wasn’t meant to be. Move forward a couple weeks and out of the blue, I received a text message. Not only had Jesus answered my prayers, He had done it in a way that I never, and let me repeat, I never expected. I literally laughed out loud because Jesus likely was laughing too. I’m sure he was saying “I bet you didn’t see that coming”. He would be right. I’m here to tell you, what we ask for in prayer, and what we are willing to be patient about, will come to fruition in one way or the other. Sometimes we get to see it and sometimes we don’t, but when we do He makes it known with the proverbial “flashing neon sign“ so that we don’t miss His blessing. Sometimes, the answer doesn't come. Perhaps that is the answer, just not the one we wanted. Waiting, is hard. No doubt and I fail a lot. A LOT. I’m still in awe of the way He answered, and though it wasn’t how I expected it to be, it was better. He reached the people He wanted to. Patience is not easy, lord knows it. Tough to wait on things, yes, but tougher to not have patience at all. That's when we fail because it eats up our mind and soul. Lord, help us to be reminded that sometimes your answer is yes, but other times it's no. Let us be strong in whatever it is. When we rush it, it's usually not His will, so let's be patient with Him and ourselves.

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