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A Local Favorite In Oviedo, Florida

Have you ever seen a meal that wasn't served on time, the food was cold and the service was less than par? We've all been there, but let me tell you, this IS NOT the case for this local family favorite in a little town called Oviedo. A HUGE rave to the food, server and atmosphere!

I visited this local establishment to have a bite to eat prior to a meeting on my last book. I decided to check out their very popular and highly talked about, side salad before my meal came. I was delighted to find, a fresh yummy bowl of sweet goodness that even the bunny would rave about! The service was great and the personality of the server was just about as good as it gets. Someone give that girl and her trainer, a huge high five and maybe even, a raise. She was phenomenal and put up with all my special requests...all with a smile.

Look, lets be real. When we're eating out and spending our hard-earned dollars we want a good deal sure, but what we really want is a good meal. We don't mind paying for food as long as it's cooked properly and, ever so importantly------as we ordered.

The servers, God bless them all---are the liaison between the kitchen and the patron. For instance, they deliver multiple things and news... some not the best news...the bread is cooking, or they are out of your favorite entrée, maybe it's that there is a wait on your special order. Whatever it is, I've always felt so bad for the servers because they are after all, sometimes the bearer of this unfortunate news----some of which is met with a not-so-nice response from the patrons. In this case, they were simply out of one item, but she politely provided me with options, all of them-----and did so with a smile. She sold me on the way she presented herself and the options. Again, kudos to her.

After my salad, and a few minutes of relaxing, my meal was delivered. The steak was hot, cooked properly and served with a fresh baked potato. The server questioned me, with a little 'cheer' in her voice "Is there anything else I can get you?" A quick nod of the head and my need for salt, she was off to fulfill my 5th or 6th request. As I eagerly awaited my dash of white goodness, I could see the patrons coming in and starting to fill up the tables. No bother for this server, she was on her game. As quickly as she walked away, she was back and I found myself placing just a pinch of salt on the hot, grilled steak waiting on my plate.

The atmosphere was quiet, a great place to grab a bite and enjoy the fruits of someone else's labor. Though this is a 'chain' restaurant, this particular location that I visited was fabulous on all fronts. The service was splendid and the server was attentive and courteous. A huge rave to this local eatery in Oviedo, Outback Steak House located on Mitchell Hammock Road.

Keep up the good work managers, clearly you are training properly. To my server---your service with a smile, your knowledge and dedication to your role made my visit all the better.

PS. The food was DELISH and I ate it all. Every. Single. Last. Yummy. Morsel.

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