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Glaring Blank Screens!

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Have you ever had a lot to say but couldn't figure out how to say it? If you know me personally, you know I have the gift of gab. I can talk about anything, anytime and have no problem doing so. Get me in front of a computer with a keyboard and I am good to go writing an email or blog. Put me under pressure to write a book in 2015-16 and you can forget about everything I just mentioned above. I'm sitting there with a glaring white screen facing me and giving me a headache. I'm thinking and writing a few short lines only to go back and hit the delete key multiple times. Like somehow, if I hit the delete key many times it will make some difference. The answer for me is a hard no, it didn't. So I continued to sit until I gave in and walked away. How can someone who had made a living out of communicating not be able to communicate? I've stood on the stage, led classes and even presented items under immense pressure with many people watching with no problem. I've accepted awards, no problem. I can communicate. So what gives? I think, for me it was the pressure of fearing the obvious. Are my words enough to make a difference for others when they read my books? After all, that was the goal for me. When the blank screen stares, it says ' you aren't good enough to do this.' It tries to pull at all the negatives in my mind instead of the positives. So how does one combat writer's block? I had to get my mind outside of the upcoming book I was attempting to write. I spent a lot of time outside when I was struggling and facing writer's block. I would take my camera and go to the local park or lakefront, capturing the images that brought beauty to my mind. The peaceful moments away from the screen helped to inspire me and open my soul so the pressures come off my shoulders. Fast forward to 2017 and things changed drastically. I was able to move past the 'writer's block' issues. The words just started flowing, coming out at every turn, every thought. I found myself talking the words into the phone and emailing them to myself to write once I could get in front of the computer. For me, it meant success. The words have flowed since then, like a open faucet on full blast. It may not be that way for you, perhaps you are a baker, a landscaper or an artist? How do you 'open' your mind to allow the creativity to come to life? It doesn't happen quickly at first in most cases, but it does happen. Perseverance will either show you that you're on the right track or it will show you that you are not. Either way, if you are 'all in' your heart will know it and you will feel it. That cake will be perfect, the painting will be elegant, and the lush landscape will shine with beauty. Everyone has something that they aspire to be, sometimes we go through many avenues until we find the passion that lights up our souls.

So, how do I get inspired? Well, there are many ways but, most of the time it's my camera and the outdoors. Have you ever seen a group of birds flying, they fly in formation and land ever so carefully. It is a very peaceful moment and opens the mind to flow freely with thoughts and ideas. For this writer, that is where I 'go' when I am feeling inspired and looking for creative emotions on a new level. Camera in hand, photos captured. I encourage you to find a way to get away from the 'blank screens' in your life whatever they may be. I took this photo several, several months ago during the writing of the first book, Brooke and Maddie, Best Friends Forever. It was the yellow wildflowers and bushes from this particular walk that brought to life the wildflowers in the book. Until next time friends, xx- Kristi

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